Exchange as a Service Platform

High-performance white-label exchange solution.
Your brand backed by our technology.

Key Benefits

Secure, simple and lean. Designed to support multiple coins, ERC20 tokens and fiat money. 24/7 365 days support.


High Performance Robust and Safe Design

Our robust and secure design provides secure and reliable cryptoassets trading.

  • A strong security design, including 2-factor authentication, advanced encryption technology, among other security layers.
  • Ensuring high performance: based on our benchmarks:
    • Our exchange handles efficiently concurrent orders: more than 300 orders per second with low latency.
    • The average order delay is lower than 30 ms.
  • Support for multiple devices: users can operate from their PC or smartphone.
  • Let advanced traders make their own bots for algorithmic trading with our powerful API.
  • Our support team offer assistance with any issue or question 24-hours a day.

Customizable Features

Optimized for institutional, professional, and consumer-facing trading. Enterprise features include:

  • Multiple currencies: offering a wide range of cryptoassets.
  • Fees using market maker and market taker models. Support on trading volume based commissions.
  • Customizable disclaimers to guarantee the required legal framework.
  • Supports integration with different blockchains, banks and other financial entities.
  • Aesthetics and interactions can be customized to match your branding.

Main Features

The best solution needed for serious and professional crypto traders.

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Using the highest security standards, including multiple levels of protection to provide a complete security service.

Flexibility icon

Support to a wide range of cryptoassets, integration to different front-ends and many other customizable features.

scalability icon

The robust design of the platform ensures scalability and execution of orders in real time.

Simplicity icon

Trade from any device, anywhere, in a simple and safe way.

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