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Data Privacy

We are a leading security R&D company specialized in building Web3 and Metaverse technologies. In CoinFabrik we have worked with more than 200 projects since 2014.

Privacy-enhancing technologies (PET) are key for decentralized and secure sharing of data between organizations. We envision that coopetition between organizations will rapidly grow. For example, companies in a specific industry compete but, at the same time, are interested in calculating industry metrics of sales and volume while preserving their particular data security. We integrate several technologies to solve this problem eliminating risks associated with sharing of private data. In addition, we contribute to the organization and management of different stakeholders interests and ensure to every party that the data is never revealed to competitors. The sensitive data is always encrypted and no decryption is necessary to process it. Secure data collaboration is available for all industries. If parties agree there is no roadblock for success.

Our work traverse the following industries:

  • Financial services
  • Fraude Prevention
  • Trade Financing
  • Secure Investigations
  • Healthcare
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Government
  • Transportation and logistic
  • Data privacy
  • Others

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