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Web3 Foundation Grants


Web3 Foundation mission focuses on cultivating innovative applications for decentralized web software protocols. Driven by a passion for Web 3.0, they strive to create a decentralized and equitable internet, empowering users to control their own data, identity, and destiny.


The grant program welcomes applications from anyone, funding a diverse range of projects with a focus on technically robust initiatives that enrich the ecosystem.

A project is more likely to be accepted if it:

– Demonstrates a thoroughly researched or tested concept, preferably with some prior work shown.
– Shows commitment to ongoing maintenance post-grant, either through continued dedication, additional funding, or an existing business model.
– Features a team with a strong technical background and experience in relevant languages and technologies. GitHub profiles will be reviewed for past contributions and code quality, and other platform projects can also be referenced.
– Provides a detailed, technically rich application with well-defined goals.
– Clearly differentiates itself from existing solutions or introduces new technology to the ecosystem.

Furthermore, projects must adhere to the following criteria:

– All code developed must be open-sourced and not depend on proprietary software for full functionality. Preferred licenses include Apache 2.0, GPLv3, MIT, or Unlicense.
– Projects funded by successful token sales are ineligible.
– Applications should not focus on a specific token and should emphasize the software or research involved.
– Teams should complete one grant before applying for another.
– Projects promoting gambling, illicit trade, money laundering, or criminal activities will not be funded.

In addition to application details, projects must comply with the Guidelines for Milestone Deliverables, including the creation of comprehensive documentation for the project. Written documentation is mandatory, while tutorials or videos are recommended for user accessibility.

Attention must be paid to the Announcement Guidelines for grant communications.

The program also emphasizes the importance of licensing and proper attribution. Misrepresenting others’ work as one’s own will result in immediate termination. Teams unsure about compliance can seek guidance from the program.

Finally, adherence to the code of conduct is critical, and failure to do so may result in user blocking.

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The W3F Grants Program offers different grant levels to help you best, depending on your current stage.

Level 1 (= InstaGrants)
Target: Individuals & small teams
Amount: Up to $10,000
Requirements: 2 approvals
Benefits: Feedback during application process and evaluation, introduction to related teams/projects

 Level 2
Target: Small teams/start-ups
Amount: Up to $30,000
Requirements: 3 approvals
Benefits: All of the above + co-promotion, Grants Program badge, fast track to Substrate Builders Program

Level 3
Target: Companies/foundations with a proven track record
Amount: Unlimited
Requirements: 5 approvals (for >$100k: Web3 Foundation Council approval + Pitch call)
Benefits: All of the above + VC introductions

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