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Metaverse Solutions

Metaverse is an umbrella term focused on linking Web3 decentralized technologies with virtual spaces that could be a game or a VR experience. The focus in Metaverse is recent but is certain that in the near future virtual reality and augmented reality devices will be in common use. Just try the Meta Quest Pro if you are in doubt. On the other hand many elements of the Metaverse could be represented as a property, being NFT or POAP. This could perfectly coexist between decentralized and centralized worlds and goes beyond specific blockchain technology.


At CoinFabrik we provide Metaverse solutions to brands, startups, and creators. This includes, research, development, security auditing, launching, and operations.

We have experience in:

  • Designing and building 3D environments and interactive experiences
  • Developing avatars and other digital characters that users can control
  • Creating virtual economies and marketplaces
  • Implementing real-time communication and collaboration features
  • Integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.
  • Testing and debugging virtual environments
  • Providing support and maintenance for virtual worlds and their users
  • Creating unique tokens for virtual communities

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