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your friendly security helper for clarity

To keep the Stacks ecosystem secure, we need robust tools for Clarity smart contracts. Stacy, a new open-source static analyzer, addresses this need by strengthening smart contract security and reliability.

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Stacy’s Mission

Developed by CoinFabrik R&D, a team with extensive experience in blockchain security, Stacy aims to support Clarity smart contract developers and auditors. Stacy automatically identifies common vulnerabilities and deviations from best practices. By integrating Stacy into your development workflow, you can build more secure and reliable smart contracts.

Stacy’s Core Features

Stacy comes with a set of powerful features, including:

Command-Line Interface (CLI)

Easy-to-use options for flexible analysis and precise detector filtering capabilities.

Vulnerability Showcase

A collection of toy smart contracts that demonstrate real-world examples of the issues and their fixes.

Extensive Detector List

A growing set of detectors that flag issues ranging from critical security flaws to code enhancements.

The Value of Stacy

Stacks developers use the Clarity programming language to build smart contracts on Bitcoin and it is vital to secure these smart contracts as the ecosystem expands.

We are building Stacy to help developers in the Stacks ecosystem identify potential security threats and apply best practices during development.

Available For


An L2 Built on Bitcoin, the most secure base layer

Secured By Bitcoin

Transactions on Stacks will be as irreversible as Bitcoin’s.

Bitcoin Network Effects

Build experiences for a massive, largely untapped audience.

Smart Contracts With Clarity

A security-first programming language with visibility on Bitcoin state.

Developer Tools & Community

Enjoy tools, tutorials, and a supportive community to help you build.

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Looking Ahead: Stacy’s Future

We have plans for Stacy’s evolution

GitHub Action Integration

Incorporate Stacy into your GitHub workflow for automated security checks.

VS Code Extension

A way to use Stacy directly within your development environment

Community Collaboration

Contribution guidelines are coming soon, allowing you to suggest features or contribute directly to the project.

Expanded Detector Suite

Continue to add new detectors to cover an even wider range of potential issues.

Community Education

We’re committed to providing resources and guidance on how to best leverage Stacy’s capabilities.

Meet the Team

This dedicated team drives Stacy’s development



Tech Lead



Business Developer

fede p


Product Manager



Lead Developer







The talented team behind Stacy is improving Clarity smart contract security and setting new industry standards with their expertise.

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