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Collaboration in Action: CoinFabrik and Genopet ‘s Blockchain Adventure

Genopets is a groundbreaking ‘move-to-earn’ game that has seized the coveted #1 spot on the list of Solana blockchain’s most popular video games. Its remarkable ascent not only signifies the game’s innovative approach but also underscores its popularity within the Solana blockchain community.

About the customer

Genopets revolutionizes the concept of an active lifestyle gamification. Whether you’re strolling through the mall, hitting the gym, or navigating office meetings, your ever-present Genopet is diligently tracking your steps to enhance your gaming experience. Beyond merely tallying steps and offering rewards for physical activity, Genopets places emphasis on cultivating a profound bond with your digital companion, an act akin to nurturing your own well-being.

Game Rank

#1 in Solana Blockchain Games




October 18, 2021

Use Case

The Genopets staking program development involved two stages: documentation and blockchain development. Token staking is vital for blockchain networks, ensuring security, governance, and economic incentives for users who lock up their tokens as collateral.

Services provided

Blockchain Development

Web3 QA - Quality Assurance

Merged Pull Requests

Comprehensive GitBook documents

Rigorous Tests Implemented

How everything started

Our partnership with Genopets dates back to February 2022 when Genopets approached CoinFabrik with a specific request: to implement the staking program for GENE, Genopets’ native token.

Genopets staking program development

Before diving into the details of our collaboration, let’s explain the concept of token staking. In the world of blockchain, a token staking program is the backbone of many decentralized networks. It’s a mechanism where users lock up or “stake” their cryptocurrency tokens as collateral to participate in various network activities. The significance of this mechanism in the blockchain context cannot be overstated:

  • Security: Staking isn’t just about earning rewards; it’s a fundamental element of blockchain security. It encourages participants, known as validators, to act honestly. Validators are required to stake tokens, and in the event of validating fraudulent transactions, they stand to lose these tokens as a penalty.
  • Governance: Furthermore, token staking often goes hand-in-hand with governance. Stakers are granted voting rights, allowing them to influence protocol upgrades and key decisions in a decentralized manner. This democratization of power is a cornerstone of blockchain technology.
  • Token Rewards: Of course, there are rewards to be reaped. Stakers can earn additional tokens as rewards for their active participation. These incentives not only encourage network engagement but also contribute to token retention, reinforcing the network’s value.
  • Economic Model: Beyond security and governance, staking programs play a pivotal role in creating economic incentives. These incentives align the interests of token holders with the success and stability of the blockchain network. It’s a win-win scenario that fuels blockchain ecosystems.

Now that we have a little bit of context, let’s jump on how we approached the staking program development for Genopets. The project was broken into two stages: documentation and blockchain development.

Now that we have a little bit of context, let’s jump on how we approached the staking program development for Genopets. The project was broken into two stages: documentation and blockchain development.

Project Stages


Assessment and documentation

The project kicked off with a meticulous analysis of the client’s specifications. During this stage, CoinFabrik’s team of analysts played a pivotal role in achieving a profound understanding of the project’s requirements. Moreover, maintaining open lines of communication with Genopets’ stakeholders was key for validating ideas and making well-informed decisions regarding the project’s business logic.

The primary goal was to create a meticulously detailed document. This document would serve as the blueprint for the staking program, covering its architecture, key components, staking pools structure, token lock and vesting periods, rewards calculation methods, rewards claiming procedures, and token unstaking and withdrawal processes.

In addition to these essential aspects, our documentation delved into the technical implementation of the staking program within the Solana ecosystem. This is where our blockchain developers defined the program’s scope, structure, functions, and parameters, ensuring a seamless integration with the Solana blockchain.

Once this documentation underwent thorough validation and received unanimous agreement from both CoinFabrik and Genopets, we were poised to advance to the development stage.


Blockchain development

The development process for the Genopets staking program was characterized by an iterative approach, breaking down the project into short, focused iterations, each with its own set of objectives and milestones.

gene token logo
The GENE token

Iterative development

We conducted frequent demos and presentations to the client throughout the development phase. These regular check-ins allowed us to showcase our progress and gather valuable feedback from the Genopets team. It also ensured that the client was actively involved in shaping the evolution of the staking program, enabling us to make real-time adjustments based on their input.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Quality was at the forefront of our development process. We implemented extensive testing procedures to ensure the program behaved flawlessly. This included unit testing, integration testing, and comprehensive end-to-end testing. Rigorous testing not only helped us identify and rectify any issues promptly but also instilled confidence in the reliability and security of the staking program.

Collaboration and communication

Effective collaboration and communication were the cornerstones of our development process. Our development team worked closely with Genopets’ stakeholders, maintaining a constant feedback loop to align our efforts with their vision. Any changes or refinements were discussed openly, fostering a collaborative environment that drove the project forward.

By following this approach, we were able to achieve several key outcomes:

  • Client-Centric Solutions: Regular client demos and code delivery ensured that the staking program evolved in line with Genopets’ specific needs and preferences.
  • Robust and Secure Code: Our extensive testing protocols helped us identify and address potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the program, resulting in a robust and secure solution.
  • Efficiency: Short iterations allowed us to adapt quickly to changing requirements and market conditions, ultimately speeding up the development timeline.

In summary, our development process was characterized by agility, collaboration, and a relentless commitment to delivering a high-quality staking program for Genopets. This client-focused, iterative approach ensured that we met the project’s objectives and expectations. Furthermore, this project proved to be a significant stepping stone for our team, fostering specialization in Solana blockchain development. It deepened our expertise in this cutting-edge blockchain ecosystem, equipping us with valuable insights and skills for future endeavors in Solana-based projects.


Further Collaboration

Upon the successful implementation of the staking program, we were delighted to extend our partnership with Genopets. We now take care of handling the development, testing, and documentation of all blockchain-related features for Genopets. Our teams collaborate closely with their product owners and front-end developers to ensure seamless integration and alignment with their vision.

The journey of collaborating with Genopets underscores our commitment to delivering excellence in blockchain development. It showcases our expertise in designing and implementing secure, efficient, and client-centric blockchain solutions. We’re proud of our continued partnership with Genopets and look forward to many more collaborative successes in the world of blockchain.

At the time of writing this, we’ve been in a consistent 20-month collaboration with Genopets (and counting!). It’s akin to a prolonged partnership where the depth of understanding grows with time. Beyond just surface-level interactions, we’ve gained profound insights into their technical nuances, concerns, routines, and preferred communication methods.

This deep-rooted understanding has not only enhanced our collaboration but has also significantly amplified our team’s productivity.

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