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Scout, your security tool to detect smart contract vulnerabilities

Catch security risks in Ink! and Soroban smart contracts
(+ more to come!)

Scout is the open-source tool every blockchain developer and auditor needs.
As long-time expert auditors, the team at CoinFabrik continually enhances the tool by conducting advanced research.
With Scout, you can tackle security risks and write robust and secure smart contracts.

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Introduction to Scout: Smart Contracts Static Analysis Tool

Identify Smart Contract Bugs

A bug-detection tool built to assist developers and auditors in identifying potential security threats and applying best practices.

Vulnerability Map

Curated and expanding compilation of vulnerabilities and best practices, paired with detectors for pinpointing security issues in your code.

Customizable CLI

Crafted to execute the tool across an entire project. Tailor Scout to concentrate on specific detectors and configure the output format according to your requirements.

VSCode Extension

For early detection. Uncover potential vulnerabilities seamlessly during the development process.

GitHub Action
(Coming soon!)

Integrate Scout into your workflow directly within your repository. Streamline security assessments and ensure a proactive approach to code vulnerabilities.

Why Scout?

Around 4.8 billion dollars in crypto were lost in the past two years due to hacks and other types of exploits in the Web3 ecosystem. This is why it’s crucial for developers to deliver high-quality code that is also security-conscious.

Currently, the main resource to mitigate this risk are manual audits. But they are expensive and they take time.

We built Scout to help developers identify possible security threats and apply best practices during development.

Ecosystem & Partners

Developed with the Support of:
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Based on research in collaboration with
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Meet the Team

Behind Scout’s success there is a dynamic team:



Tech Lead

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Business Developer

fede p


Project Manager (Polkadot)

matias cabello


Project Manager (Stellar)




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jose garcia



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Developer – Relations

This talented team is the driving force behind Scout’s cutting-edge solutions in smart contract development, blending expertise with innovation to redefine industry standards.

Enhance Your Code Security Now!

Discover Scout, the pioneering static analyzer tool for smart contracts. Get the VSCode Extension or CLI from our GitHub and start improving your development practices today.

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