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Coinfabrik’s Web3 Core Services

Our High Level Services

Smart Contract Audits

Our dedicated team has audited more than 200 projects so far. Our main aim is to protect tokens, crowdfunding campaigns and decentralized applications by making sure all security flaws and vulnerabilities are fixed.

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Decentralized Solution Development

At CoinFabrik we understand that security and scalability are necessary for robust software. We are proud to build decentralized applications and have been offering blockchain solutions for more than 4 years.

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Consulting Services

Decentralization overtly revolutionizes how we do business, develop software, or fundraise. Our multitalented team is ready to provide you with a realistic decentralization roadmap.

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Training Services

Our wealth of experience in blockchain technologies, data security and distributed projects equip us with a unique training skill set. Our trainers can help software engineers build secure decentralized applications and give executives the ability to make informed decisions in this niche.

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Other Specialized Web3 Services

Quality Assurance (QA) for Web3 Projects

Metaverse Solutions

Web3 Technical Due Diligence

Web3 DAOs

Data Privacy

NFTs Development and Launching Services

UX for Web3 Projects

Web3 DevOps

Web3 Sysadmin Services

Web3 Smart Contracts Review

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