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Web3 Devops Services

We are a leading security R&D company specialized in building Web3 and Metaverse technologies. In CoinFabrik we have worked with more than 200 projects since 2014.

CoinFabrik aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the software development, delivery process, and infrastructure. We enable organizations to quickly and continuously deliver high-quality software and a robust infrastructure. DevOps services involve automating and streamlining the software development and delivery process, as well as ensuring the security and reliability of the software in production.

Web3 DevOps includes:

  • Web3 custody of keys and data.
  • Providing robust mechanisms and algorithms such as multi-party computation (MPC).
  • Setup of Web3 nodes in multiple blockchain technologies.
  • Deploying high level APIs such as blockchain indexes for solving complex queries not available in blockchain nodes.
  • Supporting trading operations with full security.
  • Managing the full cycle of Token Generation Events (TGE).
  • Setting up payment gateways.


In addition, key tasks we do on our DevOps services:

Continuous integration: This involves regularly integrating code changes into a shared repository, and using automated tools to build, test, and deploy the code.


Continuous delivery: This involves automatically building, testing, and deploying code changes to production environments, allowing for rapid delivery of new features and improvements.


Infrastructure as code: This involves using code to automate the provisioning and management of infrastructure, rather than manually configuring servers and other infrastructure components.


Monitoring and feedback: This involves monitoring the performance and reliability of the software in production, and using this feedback to continuously improve the software.


Collaboration and communication: DevOps emphasizes the importance of collaboration and communication between developers and IT operations professionals, allowing them to work together more effectively to deliver software.


Security: DevOps includes measures to ensure the security of the software and the infrastructure it runs on, including security testing and the implementation of secure practices such as secure coding and encryption.

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