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L2 Rollups: Scale your Smart Contracts and Reduce Costs

The top priorities of layer one (L1) blockchains are security and decentralization. L2 solutions use L1 as a base to provide faster transactions and reduce fees. L2 takes advantage of L1 strengths. CoinFabrik helps you develop your dApp (Decentralized Application) on top of any rollup or migrate your existing L1 project to a rollup. We have been pioneers in using layer 2 technologies in Dogethereum, BatPay, and FairGate.

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Scale your dApps and reduce costs with L2 rollups. CoinFabrik provides end-to-end rollup solutions, from development to migration, backed by expertise in L1 and L2 technologies. Take your project to the next level today.

Comprehensive Range of Services

Smart Contract Deployment

Develop and deploy your smart contracts to EVM-compatible technologies such as zkSync, Polygon, zkEVM, Scroll, Optimism, and Arbitrum and Linea or develop programs via Cairo smart contracts on Starknet.

Layer 2 dApp Migration

dApp Migration to L2: transitioning your existing dApps from Layer 1 to Layer 2 solutions, ensuring improved scalability and lower transaction costs

Custom L2 Rollup Creation

Create your own L2 rollups using technologies such as OP Stack

Web3 Infrastructure Management & CI/CD

Manage your Web3 infrastructure and work on continuous integration and delivery. Provide bugfixing and enhancements.

Our Development Approach for Rollups

Rollup Technology Assessment

Analyze the right rollup technology for your dApp

UX/UI Design & Redesign

Reuse or create a new UX/UI for your project

dApp Development & Testing

Develop or migrate your dApp and create unit tests

Quality Assurance & Control

Rigorous QA/QC

Optional Security Audits

Optionally security auditing by our specialized team

Launch & Ongoing Support

Launch, actively monitor and support your infrastructure and iterate over your new challenges

Why choose for Our Web3 Rollups Solutions?

Broad L1 & L2 Experience

CoinFabrik has experience working on many L1 and L2 technologies

Language Versatility

We work with multiple programming languages including Rust, Solidity, TypeScript, JavaScript, Python.

Early Network Contributions

We have been early contributors to networks as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Algorand, Stacks, NEAR Protocol, Rootstock, among others


Our auditors are seasoned professionals with deep expertise in Web3 and Web2

If you’re interested in diving deeper into the world of decentralized oracles, be sure to check out our comprehensive article on the topic Overcoming Obstacles with Decentralized Oracles: Ensuring Trust and Reliability.

F.A.Q. on L2 Rollups

A rollup is a Layer 2 scaling solution that bundles many transactions together, verifies them, and then adds them to the main blockchain (the L1) for them to be settled all at once. This makes transactions faster and cheaper for users.

Rollups are important because they improve the scalability and efficiency of blockchain networks. By bundling multiple transactions into a single proof for main chain verification, they reduce transaction costs and speed up confirmation times. This makes blockchain technology more practical for mainstream adoption and complex applications

Rollups offer increased scalability, faster transaction speeds, and lower transaction costs compared to traditional Layer 1 solutions, making them ideal for dApps requiring high throughput.

There are two types of rollups – optimistic rollups and zk (zero-knowledge) rollups. Optimistic rollups bundle transactions into batches and process them off-chain, assuming they are valid by default but allowing for a “challenge period” to dispute inaccuracies. In contrast, zero-knowledge (zk) rollups also batch transactions but use zero-knowledge proofs to validate them, offering quicker and cheaper verification without the need for a challenge period.

The migration timeline can vary depending on the complexity of your dApp and the specific Layer 2 solution chosen.

Unlock the full potential of your project with our cutting-edge Rollups Solutions.

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