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Web3 Smart Contract Audits Services

CoinFabrik audits smart contracts in multiple blockchain technologies since 2014. Our computer security engineers and auditors carefully review your codebase and write a detailed report that includes alternatives for solving the found issues. CoinFabrik has worked in more than 200 projects.

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You specify an audit-ready code commit through our request audit form below and you get a quote and timeline

Audit & Report

We start the audit and we privately send the report to your team when it’s done.


Your team fixes the issues


We examine your fixes, update and publish the report (optional)

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Key benefits of Smart Contracts Auditing

Why choose CoinFabrik?


Identify and address security vulnerabilities. Audits help ensure that the contract is free from coding errors, logic flaws, and potential exploits, reducing the risk of hacks or attacks.


Minimizes the chances of financial loss, reputation damage, and potential legal issues that could arise due to security breaches. Identifying and fixing potential issues during the audit phase is significantly more cost-effective than having to deal with them after deployment.

Industry Experts

Our audits are run by experts with proven track record by auditing several projects and technologies such as Solidity, Rust, Clarity, etc. We’ve been involved in top-notch projects such as Hex, 1inch, Avalanche, Decentraland, among others.

Engage your community

Audited contracts are more likely to gain acceptance within the blockchain community. Investors, users, and partners are more willing to engage with projects that have been independently audited for security.

Having an audited smart contract enhances the project’s reputation and credibility. It signals to the community that the developers are serious about security and are committed to delivering a safe product. Investors, users, and partners are more willing to engage with projects that have been independently audited for security.

Our Audits Identified high impact findings

Highlighted Web3 Smart Contract Audits Projects:

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Avalanche's Avalaunch

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Trust Machines

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You can read about our auditing process here and can also check some of our past smart contract audits.

The prices depend on the length and complexity of the smart contracts. It is necessary that you can share the repository or code that you want to audit so we can evaluate it. To secure your audit in -The queue we expect you to pay 50% upfront and 50% once we deliver you the finalized audit. Of course we will provide you first with a statement of work with the details and a proper invoice, and send you a USDT address.

Time of the audits is highly dependent on the code we need to audit. We’ll check the complexity of the codes, libraries, oracles, dependencies, etc. After that we’ll evaluate how long it takes to audit the code.

Yes. But we highly recommend publishing the report after your team fixes the issues in order to offer ecosystem security.

Our clients

In Partnership with top global business organizations.

From bold start-ups to big names, CoinFabrik is proud of our clients’s success and passionate about helping them accelerate growth through digital.

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