Smart Contract Audits

Security flaws, errors and inefficiencies can cost you a lot when deploying smart contracts to the blockchain.

The Audit Process

Complete audit process from pre-sale to the final audit submission.

The CF Audit Process


Pre Sale

We are contacted by the customers asking for an audit. We ask them to send the code and documentation to evaluate its length, complexity, viability, and purpose. Once it has been analyzed by our experts, we quote it accordingly. Next, we send the calculated price and audit duration by email. If the customer agrees on the terms, we send a formal proposal with all the details of the audit, price, terms and payment instructions.


Payment confirmed

Once we receive confirmation, we start to work on the audit. We review the provided documentation and code at the same time. If we have any questions about it, we contact the customer.


Audit Process

We run tests to find common problems, we go through the smart contract code to verify the logic and we make sure it matches the documentation provided by the client. We usually send a preliminary report to the customer with the main problems we found. This allows the correction of errors before we publish the audit.



Our final report includes a detailed summary of what the audit process is, links to the audited smart contract, and an explanation of what it does. It then details the performed analyses, describes the issues we found in the contract and qualify them by severity level. Based on code best practices we propose enhancements which would improve the contract code semantics. We then wrap up with a conclusion section including most important items we noticed.

If you want to read more about the security audit process you can check our Smart Contract Audits Security guide.

Why Coinfabrik?

CoinFabrik team has been working since 2014 with a wide range of customers, from startups to tech giants, in a variety of industries, all over the world. We are specialized in blockchain technologies and secure software development. Our team has been involved in the development and security reviews of core components of well known decentralized projects like RSK, Algorand and the DogeCoin-Ethereum Bridge.

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