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Security Audits

Smart Contract Audits

Secure your smart contracts with our Smart Contract Audit service and experience the peace of mind that comes from industry-leading security insights.

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Security is everything. If your code is not safe, you’re down the wrong road.


were lost to hacks and exploits in Q1 2024 alone


of the hacked projects are unaudited

Since 2014, CoinFabrik has been a major contributor to blockchain security, safeguarding over 300 platforms with precision-engineered security solutions.

Smart contract audits signal to the community that the developers are serious and committed to delivering a safe product.

Learn why security should be your priority

Key Benefits of Smart Contract Auditing

In Q1 2024 alone, +$800M were lost to hacks and exploits.

Robust Security

Security audits help ensure that the smart contract is free from coding errors and logic flaws, secure from potential attacks and resilient against future threats.


By identifying and resolving potential vulnerabilities early on, smart contract audits help prevent costly breaches and losses down the line, ultimately saving both time and resources.

Expert Insights

If you choose CoinFabrik, the audit will be conducted by security experts with proven track record in auditing smart contracts written in Solidity, Rust, Clarity, Go, Soroban, and more.

Build Trust

Security audits increase the project’s reputation and credibility. Investors, users, and partners are more willing to engage with projects that have conducted smart contract audits

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How Does it Work?

Our Audit Process

A four-step process

Get a Quote

Submit the audit-ready code using our request form to receive a quote and timeline.

Audit & Preliminary Report

We conduct the audit and then privately share the report with your team.

Remediation / Mitigation

Your team implements fixes to mitigate the vulnerabilities found during the audit.

Final Report & Publishing

We examine and validate your fixes and we update and publish the report (optional)*

* We strongly recommend making your Audit Report public to the community

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Do you really need a security audit?

What Kind of Projects Need a Smart Contract Audit?

DEXes and other DeFi Platforms

SocialFi dApps

NFT Marketplaces

Crypto Wallets

Blockchain Protocols


Prediction Markets

Metaverse Gaming



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FAQ on Smart Contract Audits

If you have more questions don’t hesitate to contact us

What are the steps for CoinFabrik to audit my smart contract?

Partnering with CoinFabrik, a leading smart contract audit company, for a smart contract security audit is straightforward. Whether you are developing a blockchain protocol, tokens, or an NFT platform, our expert smart contract auditors will work closely with your team through our process. Simply contact our team, and we’ll work with you to assess your needs and ensure your codebase meets the highest standards of security.

How much does a smart contract audit by CoinFabrik cost?

The smart contract audit cost depends on the length and complexity of the smart contracts. It is necessary that you can share the repository or code that you want to audit so we can evaluate it. To secure your audit in -The queue we expect you to pay 50% upfront and 50% once we deliver you the finalized audit. Of course we will provide you first with a statement of work with the details and a proper invoice, and send you a USDT address.

How long does a smart contract audit take?

Time of the audits is highly dependent on the code we need to audit. We’ll check the complexity of the codes, libraries, oracles, dependencies, etc. After that we’ll evaluate how long it takes to audit the code.

What are some common smart contract security risks?

When you need to audit smart contract code, be aware that smart contract security risks involve vulnerabilities that can be exploited due to errors in code, logic flaws, or unforeseen interactions between contracts. Common risks include reentrancy attacks, overflow and underflow errors, and improper access controls (you can check out this list curated by our auditors.) These vulnerabilities can lead to loss of funds or compromised data. At CoinFabrik, our smart contract audit services are designed to identify and mitigate these risks.

What to expect in a CoinFabrik smart contract audit report?

The audit report from CoinFabrik provides a detailed analysis of your smart contract’s security. It includes a comprehensive review of our findings, descriptions of any vulnerabilities, and recommendations for mitigation. Each smart contract audit report is tailored to the specifics of your project. Our reports are designed to be clear and actionable, providing you with the information necessary to enhance your platform’s security before going live.