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Smart Contract Security Review

Smart contracts evolve with agility. Web3 projects cannot wait until the release candidate to improve the security of the codebase and have a full security audit. CoinFabrik is the ideal partner to support you along the project journey and increase the security and quality of your codebase, especially through our smart contract review.

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CoinFabrik has been auditing smart contracts in multiple blockchain technologies since 2014. Our computer security engineers and auditors carefully review your codebase and write a detailed report that includes alternatives for solving the found issues. CoinFabrik has worked on more than 200 projects.

Our smart contract review is a process that involves reviewing a smart contract for security issues, readability, clarity, and overall effectiveness. This review includes the business logic and functionality of the contract to ensure that it meets the needs of the parties involved and identifies risks.

This offering is designed to help clients deploy secure and effective smart contracts that meet the needs of their business and project.

Smart contract reviews include:

Code review: A fast review of the contract code to quickly identify any potential vulnerabilities or issues.
Testing: Testing of the contract using various tools and techniques to identify any potential vulnerabilities and issues.
Analysis: Analysis of the results of the code review and testing to identify any potential vulnerabilities or issues that need to be addressed.
Recommendations: Recommendations for addressing any identified vulnerabilities or issues, including changes to the code, testing strategies, or other measures to improve the security and functionality of the contract.

These are key differences between a full smart contract audit and a smart contract review:

Scope: A smart contract audit is typically a more comprehensive process that looks at the security, reliability, and functionality of a smart contract. A smart contract review, on the other hand, prioritizes the speed, the business logic and functionality of the contract.
Formality: A smart contract audit is a formal process performed before the release. A smart contract review looks for speed up the feedback to your development team in any part of the process.
Level of detail: A smart contract audit involves a detailed review of the smart contract code, including testing and analysis to identify potential vulnerabilities and issues. A smart contract review adjust to your development process and times.
Cost: A smart contract audit is typically more expensive than a smart contract review, as it requires more time and resources to complete.

If you’re interested, take a look at our Sorare short code review report.

F.A.Q. on Smart Contract Security Review

Smart contract reviews or audits are essential to ensure the security and proper functioning of the contract. Given that blockchain transactions are immutable and can involve significant amounts of money, any vulnerability or flaw in a smart contract can lead to irreversible damages or loss of funds. An audit helps identify and rectify potential issues before the contract is deployed.

Our smart contract reviews are conducted by a team of experienced blockchain developers and security experts who are well-versed in common vulnerabilities and best practices in smart contract development. They have undergone rigorous training and have experience reviewing multiple contracts across various blockchain platforms.

The duration of a smart contract review depends on the complexity and length of the code. Simple contracts might take a few days, while more intricate systems can take weeks. Our aim is always to be thorough, ensuring that all potential issues are identified and addressed without compromising on turnaround time.

If vulnerabilities or issues are identified during the review, we will provide a detailed report outlining each vulnerability, its potential impact, and recommended fixes. Our team can work closely with your developers to ensure that these vulnerabilities are addressed and that the revised contract is as secure and efficient as possible.

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