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Sorare Short Code Review

Hey there, folks! Today, we’re delving into the world of Sorare, where blockchain and sports collide.
CoinFabrik were summoned to take a quick peek under the hood of Sorare’s smart contracts. Now, here’s the deal: this wasn’t your usual formal Smart Contract Audit. Nope, it was more like a speed date with the code. But, hey, sometimes you gotta roll with the punches!.

What is The Sorare Project About?

Lionel Messi wearing the Sorare football shirt
Lionel Messi wearing the Sorare football shirt

Sorare is more than just a fantasy sports platform; it’s an immersive journey for sports enthusiasts and strategists alike. With its diverse player card options, free competitions, and captivating rewards, Sorare is the ultimate destination for those looking to experience fantasy sports at the highest level.

Conclusions about the Sorare Short Code Review

Given the short time we had to examine the code, it is not defined yet but in general terms, we can say Sorare is a great project with big potential and very good code quality.
Once fixed the identified issues, we think it is safe to launch. However we suggest requesting a full audit of the code looking for any door that might remain open after the changes, and any bug that might have remained unseen in this review.
You can view the full Sorare short code review report.