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Aleph Zero Grants

Aleph Zero Ecosystem Funding Program

Aleph Zero has been created to help overcome the challenges associated with blockchain network’s security, scalability, decentralization, privacy, as well as user and developer experience.

The objective of the Aleph Zero Ecosystem Funding Program is to support innovative projects from development teams that enhance the features, functionalities, and overall usage of the Aleph Zero blockchain. The program is open to a wide array of project ideas, from initial proof-of-concept stages and startups to seasoned teams looking to deploy their solutions on various platforms.

Available Grants

The grants will be distributed in various tiers, depending on several factors, depending on your project’s needs and the applicability of the idea.

Tier 1: $10-50K. for simpler projects, basic tooling improvements, research work, education, events, and more.

Tier 2:< $150K For regular applications needed throughout the ecosystem, more complex tooling, larger-scale developer conferences.

Tier 3: < $500K For projects and initiatives providing significantly more value and visibility to Aleph Zero

Process Overview

Application: You send the application to the Aleph Zero Foundation.

Evaluation: The Foundation evaluates the project according to the criteria.

Pitch: After successful verification, you’ll pitch the project to the Foundation.

Decision: We’ll get back to you with the decision in ~3 weeks.

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Request for Proposals

While new products are the cornerstone of making Aleph Zero network the go-to platform for developers and users, several categories can be supported by the EFP. Details on RFPs are to come in the near future.

  • Developer Tooling
  • Education
  • Private DeFi Apps
  • Sustainability
  • DAO Tooling
  • Academic Research
  • Metaverse

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