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Indexer and Block Explorer Blockchain Development Services

A blockchain indexer is a key component for Web3 applications. Since 2014, CoinFabrik has been developing indexers in a variety of blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, and Algorand, among others. Block explorers are the UI/UX complement for the indexer.

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The blockchain indexers have many challenges: real-time updates, fast feedback through unconfirmed transactions, and fully confirmed transactions for robust security. Additional to basic account information, indexing internal transactions information and smart contract states is key.

Comprehensive Range of Services


Developers access the indexer through an eventful API that provides general and custom query methods.


The indexer uses caching mechanisms to improve performance and reduce the load on the application.


The indexer is scalable to handle the increasing volume of transactions from the blockchain and the API.

Historical Data Retrieval

Access historical data, analytics from past transactions, blocks, and other events.

Custom Indexing

Developers often require creating custom indexers tailored to specific use cases. For example, indexing smart contract data and events, and other specialized information.

Multiple L1s and L2s

We create indexers that can be designed to work with multiple blockchains. We adapt it to the unique characteristics and data structures of each blockchain.

Blockchain Indexer for Dummies

Let’s imagine a huge LEGO castle that is made up of thousands of tiny LEGO bricks. Each LEGO brick represents a piece of information. This castle keeps growing as more and more bricks (information) are added.

Now, let’s say you want to find a specific LEGO brick or want to know how many blue LEGO bricks there are in the castle. It would be really hard and time-consuming to look through the whole castle each time, right?
A blockchain is like that big LEGO castle. It’s made up of lots of pieces of information called “blocks.” A blockchain indexer is like a magical notebook that keeps track of where each LEGO brick is in the castle. So, if you want to find a specific block or need to know something specific about the blocks, you can simply look it up in the notebook instead of searching the entire castle.


Our Methodical Blockchain Indexer Process

Deep Dive Analysis

Understanding Requirements: Comprehensive discussions with the client to grasp specific needs and indexing objectives.
Chain Specifics: Analyzing the unique characteristics and structures of the targeted blockchain.

Robust Design

Tailored Architecture: Designing an indexer architecture that aligns with both blockchain characteristics and client requirements.
Scalability Focus: Ensuring the design permits scaling to handle growing data and transaction volumes effectively.

Detail-Oriented Development

Precise Indexing: Developing mechanisms to accurately index transactions, blocks, events, and internal state changes.
Custom Development: Tailoring indexing strategies to cater to specific data retrieval needs, such as smart contract events or internal transactions.

Rigorous Testing

Performance Assurance: Conducting intensive tests to ensure optimal performance, even under high loads.
Data Integrity Checks: Verifying the accuracy and consistency of indexed data through varied test scenarios.

Deployment & Continuous Monitoring:

Seamless Integration: Ensuring the indexer integrates smoothly with APIs and other application components.
Real-Time Monitoring: Continuous surveillance of the indexer’s operation to ensure ongoing accuracy and performance.

Ongoing Support & Optimization

Immediate Assistance: Providing quick and reliable support for any issues or questions that may arise post-deployment.
Iterative Enhancements: Regular updates and optimizations to adapt to blockchain evolutions and client feedback.

Why Opt for Our Blockchain indexer  and Block Explorer Solutions?

Extensive Expertise

With a track record since 2014, CoinFabrik boasts profound knowledge and experience in developing blockchain indexers across various technologies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and more.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. CoinFabrik delivers custom indexer solutions, adapting to the unique requirements of each client and blockchain technology.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Leveraging the latest technologies and innovative approaches, CoinFabrik ensures your indexer remains at the forefront of technological advancements and performs optimally.

Holistic Indexing Solutions

Not just the indexer, CoinFabrik takes pride in providing comprehensive solutions, developing user-friendly block explorers that serve as the perfect UI/UX complement to the robust indexer backend.


Frequently Asked Questions

A blockchain indexer is like a powerful search engine specifically for blockchains. It sifts through the entire blockchain data, organizes it, and makes it easily accessible for Web3 applications. This enables applications to retrieve data like transactions, balances, and smart contract events swiftly and accurately, enhancing user experience and functionality.

While an indexer organizes and retrieves data from the blockchain, a block explorer serves as a user-friendly interface that displays this data to users. It allows them to explore, search for, and verify transactions, balances, and other activities on the blockchain in a visually accessible and understandable manner.

Custom indexing is vital as it allows developers to tailor the data retrieval process to specific use-cases, ensuring that the application can access precisely the data it needs, in the format it needs, without unnecessary overheads. This enables efficient and optimized data retrieval, which is particularly crucial for applications with specialized functionalities or heavy data usage

Developing a blockchain indexer comes with numerous challenges, such as ensuring real-time updates, managing fast feedback through unconfirmed transactions, ensuring robust security with fully confirmed transactions, and indexing detailed information like internal transactions and smart contract states, all while maintaining optimal performance and scalability

CoinFabrik designs indexers with a scalable architecture, ensuring it can handle increasing volumes of transactions and data as the blockchain and usage grow. Various strategies, such as efficient data structuring, utilizing caching mechanisms, and deploying scalable infrastructure, are implemented to assure that the indexer remains performant, even as demands escalate.

Embark on your blockchain journey with CoinFabrik’s expertise! Connect with us to elevate your project with top-tier Blockchain Indexer and Block Explorer development services. Let’s shape the future, together Contact us today!

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