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Training Services

Our wealth of experience and skillset in blockchain technologies, data security, and distributed projects equip us to train. Our trainers can help software engineers build secure decentralized applications and give executives the capacity to make informed decisions in this niche.

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CoinFabrik`s value proposition is that our training services are dictated by top team of auditors. A team of professors including PhDs in math and computer science which several experience in teaching 


Our core consist on teaching with cases of the real life. Finding real bugs and vulnerabilities in real smart contracts 

Web3 software engineering

  • Web3 development on a blockchain technology (e.g. Ethereum)
  • Web3 security auditing on a specific blockchain
    • Initial level
    • Advanced level

5 weeks (4 weekly hours) / Online with weekly student hours. Quizzes and final project

It is mandatory to have software programming experience (> ~2 years)

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