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BUIDL for Web3 Summit By Lumos

The BUIDL for Web3 Summit, a highlight of the India Blockchain Week, presents a unique convergence of opportunities for Web3 enthusiasts and professionals.

This event serves as a beacon for those eager to immerse themselves in the evolving world of Web3. It features:

  • Insightful Tech Talks: Engage with leading Web3 minds delivering research-based discussions on pivotal blockchain themes, offering a glimpse into the future of Web3 development.
  • The SPOTLIGHT Startup Pitch: An exclusive platform where startups can present their innovative ideas to venture capitalists and industry leaders, fostering connections and potential collaborations.
  • A Specialized Web3 Job Fair: A space for both technical and non-technical talents to discover their ideal job roles within the Web3 sphere, connecting them with potential employers.
  • A Collaborative Effort: The summit is expertly organized by Lumos Labs and BuidlersTribe, with the support of Bitget and Aptos, ensuring a rich, diverse, and inclusive experience for all attendees.

This summit isn’t just an event; it’s a milestone in realizing the widespread adoption of Web3 products, shaping the future of technology and community interaction in the Web3 ecosystem.

December 4, 2023

Bengaluru, Karnataka

BUIDL for Web3 Summit By Lumos Website

BUIDLfor web3 summit 2023 by Lumos