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Ekoparty is a socially impactful organization that brings together all individuals interested in cybersecurity. Whether you are a professional or taking your first steps into hacking, at Ekoparty, you will find a place to grow, learn, exchange knowledge, have fun, and connect with thousands of people who share your passion.

It started as a hacker conference for hackers in the 2000s and today, they are the major gathering point for the cybersecurity community in Latin America and around the world.

Their mission extends to various projects that are active throughout the year, such as Ekoparty Hackademy, Ekojobs, our trainings, and workshops. In doing so, they promote education, training, and specialization in cybersecurity, create job opportunities, and democratize knowledge.

The History

Some say the first Ekoparty was in 2007, but the story goes back a few years…

It was the year 2000, and Argentina was facing capital flight, the corralito (economic measures to limit bank withdrawals), the helicopter crisis, five presidents in eleven days, and everything we already know. Political leadership was highly discredited, and “escraches” (public exposures) emerged to publicly expose some politicians. In the digital world, there were also hacktivists who, through their so-called “digital pickets,” defaced government websites as a form of protest.

What Does ‘Ekoparty’ Mean?

When the Ezkracho team (or Eko Team for friends) started their hacking gatherings in the early 2000s, an easy and straightforward name for the event was Ekoparty. However, as that answer required a lot of context and knowledge of Ezkracho’s history, we came up with a much simpler, albeit quite random, meaning: Ekoparty = “Electronic K.O. Party.”

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Ekoparty Date

November 1-3, 2023

Ekoparty Location

CABA, Argentina

Register at Ekoparty

Ekoparty Event Website