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Next Block Expo 2024

Next Block Expo brings founders, investors and blockchain experts together to redefine & discover the future of web3.

It is a cyclic conference organized all over the world, attended by the full gamut of the web3 sector starting from the biggest exchanges to brokers, payments providers, fin-tech, miners, traders, ICO participants, De-fi, NFT, crypto maniacs, blockchain developers, entrepreneurs and experts in tax and legislation altogether have already held 10 successful Summits full of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts.

At our events, you can learn from leaders of the industry, grow your network and attract new investment opportunities.Aside from the spacious venue, friendly ambience, interesting guests and networking party, we also have seminar presentations made by our guest speakers. It’s a perfect opportunity to stay on top of the industry trends and news, as well as to explore the world of blockchain from the top leaders of this market.

nbx block expo logo

Next Block Expo 2024 Date

May 15-16, 2024


Warsaw, Poland

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