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CoinFabrik was asked to audit the contracts for the MoneyMarket project. First we will provide a summary of our discoveries and then we will show the details of our findings.

Money Market is a lending pool-based protocol allowing users to borrow assets from a liquidity pool without requiring the matching of individual lenders and borrowers, and further providing interests on assets and debt through ERC20 tokens.


The contracts audited are from the git repository. The audit is based on the commit 98f1553d0acf419a4b09d5b492c59b4ccdcf4af5.

The audited contracts are:

  • contracts/interfaces/deployers/IDebtokenDeployer.sol
  • contracts/interfaces/deployers/ILentokenDeployer.sol
  • contracts/interfaces/deployers/ISupTokenDeployer.sol
  • contracts/interfaces/deployers/IWethLentokenDeployer.sol
  • contracts/interfaces/tokens/IDebtoken.sol
  • contracts/interfaces/tokens/ILentoken.sol
  • contracts/interfaces/tokens/IMoneyMarketToken.sol
  • contracts/interfaces/tokens/ISuptoken.sol
  • contracts/interfaces/tokens/IWETH.sol
  • contracts/interfaces/IFormula.sol
  • contracts/interfaces/IMoneyMarket.sol
  • contracts/interfaces/IPriceOracle.sol
  • contracts/libs/Constants.sol
  • contracts/libs/MovingPrices.sol
  • contracts/libs/Underlying.sol
  • contracts/tokens/Debtoken.sol
  • contracts/tokens/Lentoken.sol
  • contracts/tokens/MoneyMarketToken.sol
  • contracts/tokens/Suptoken.sol
  • contracts/tokens/WethLentoken.sol
  • contracts/ChainlikOracleAdapter.sol
  • contracts/Formula.sol
  • contracts/MoneyMarket.sol
  • contracts/NaiveFeedRegistriy.sol
  • contracts/UniswapV3OracleAdalter.sol


The scope of the audit is limited to those files. No other files in this repository were audited. Its dependencies are assumed to work according to their documentation. Also, no tests were reviewed for this audit.


Without being limited to them, the audit process included the following analyses:

  • Arithmetic errors
  • Outdated version of Solidity compiler
  • Race conditions
  • Reentrancy attacks
  • Misuse of block timestamps
  • Denial of service attacks
  • Excessive gas usage
  • Missing or misused function qualifiers
  • Needlessly complex code and contract interactions
  • Poor or nonexistent error handling
  • Insufficient validation of the input parameters
  • Incorrect handling of cryptographic signatures
  • Centralization and upgradeability

Summary of Findings

We found no security issues. Some enhancements were proposed.

The documentation which was made available for this audit does not cover the MoneyMarket protocol operations (borrow, withdraw, etc) and is lacking in technical detail. Consequently, this audit has covered security issues but has not considered attacks circumventing (undocumented) restrictions for these operations.

Security Issues Found

Severity Classification

Security risks are classified as follows:

  • Critical: These are issues that we manage to exploit. They compromise the system seriously. They must be fixed immediately.
  • Medium: These are potentially exploitable issues. Even though we did not manage to exploit them or their impact is not clear, they might represent a security risk in the near future. We suggest fixing them as soon as possible.
  • Minor: These issues represent problems that are relatively small or difficult to take advantage of but can be exploited in combination with other issues. These kinds of issues do not block deployments in production environments. They should be taken into account and be fixed when possible.

Issues Status

An issue detected by this audit can have four distinct statuses:

  • Unresolved: The issue has not been resolved.
  • Acknowledged: The issue remains in the code but is a result of an intentional decision.
  • Resolved: Adjusted program implementation to eliminate the risk.
  • Partially resolved: Adjusted program implementation to eliminate part of the risk. The other part remains in the code but is a result of an intentional decision.
  • Mitigated: Implemented actions to minimize the impact or likelihood of the risk

Critical Severity Issues

No issues found.

Medium Severity Issues

No issues found.

Minor Severity Issues

No issues found.


These items do not represent a security risk. They are best practices that we suggest implementing.

ID Title Status
EN-01 Banned Token Creation Is Possible Not implemented
EN-02 Empty Call to finishWithdawalTo() Not implemented
EN-03 Insufficient Documentation Not implemented
EN-04 TODOs Best Practice Not implemented
EN-04 Old Solidity Compiler Version Not implemented

Enhancements Details

EN-01 Banned Token Creation Is Possible

  • contracts/tokens/LenToken.sol:45-68

In the LenToken.sol constructor it is possible to have an input with a tokenFactor with reserveRatio equal to 1e9 which is equivalent to this token being banned.


Consider requiring the reserveRatio to be different from 1e9.


Not implemented.

EN-02 Empty Call to finishWithdawalTo()

The public function finishWithdrawalTo() can be called by an arbitrary user when the time is right, or may be called from startWithdrawal(). In either case, the result of  _shareToAmount(withdrawal.share) could be 0 and the function would call for transferring 0 1inch tokens.


Check that the amount to be transferred is nonzero before calling the function. In particular, note that the check amount>0 in startWithdrawal() could be insufficient to determine whether _shareToAmount(withdrawal.share)>0.


Not implemented.

EN-03 Insufficient Documentation

The documentation does not cover most use cases and is lacking in detail.


Add documentation describing the public/external operations including use cases and requirements. In particular, this applies to lending, borrowing, liquidation, money market creation and other operations.


Not implemented.

EN-04 TODOs Best Practice

Remove ‘todo’s from the production version. These might be read as poor quality by the unskilled reader.


Remove ‘todo’s from the repository.


Not implemented.

EN-05 Old Solidity Compiler Version

The contract UniswapV3OracleAdapter.sol uses pragma solidity 0.7.6 while most contracts use solidity 0.8.12.


Ensure all code runs with the same compiler version.


Not implemented.



  • 2022-03-16 – Initial report based on commit 98f1553d0acf419a4b09d5b492c59b4ccdcf4af5.


Disclaimer: This audit report is not a security warranty, investment advice, or an approval of the 1inch MoneyMarket project since CoinFabrik has not reviewed its platform. Moreover, it does not provide a smart contract code faultlessness guarantee.