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Boosting Solana’s Growth: Removing Friction for Developers and Startups

Hello Solana Community,

As CoinFabrik, we’ve dedicated over two years to the enhancement of Solana’s ecosystem through meticulous security auditing, extensive research, and comprehensive development.

During this journey, we’ve identified several significant challenges that stand in the way of our ecosystem’s growth, causing friction for developers and startups, and impacting investors. We believe that addressing these hurdles not only benefits the development community but also provides investors with higher returns as a consequence.

In an effort to provide insight and suggest solutions to these challenges, we’ve compiled a detailed presentation. This explores the identified issues, proposes potential solutions, and showcases our contributions towards Solana’s growth.

Here is the link to our presentation: Reducing Friction and Growing the Development Ecosystem of Solana. It is a Google Slide presentation where you can add your comments.

Following are the top issues included:

  1. Announcements of new releases and specific features very often do not reflect reality, causing frustration for developers when they update to the latest release and find that the anticipated features are missing.
  2. Program debugging performance in Testnet and Devnet is inconsistent with the Solana Mainnet. The Solana node requirements for tests are being excessively high.
  3. Anchor, a top development framework, is not being actively maintained and supported.
  4. There is a notable lack of toolchains to simplify and accelerate the development process.
  5. Most Solana node providers inaccurately claim capabilities that are not available.
  6. The learning curve for developers experienced in other blockchains is excessively steep due to incomplete documentation.
  7. Solana network often hangs and throws non-descriptive errors.

We highly value your input and would love to hear your thoughts or any constructive suggestions you might have. As a community, let’s come together to foster Solana’s growth and create a more robust and frictionless ecosystem.

Looking forward to your feedback!