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Decentralized Blockchain Bridges, Blockchain Innovations, and Cryptoasset Investment Frameworks

At CoinFabrik we are organizing internal presentations in response to interesting work we are doing. As we have grown, scheduling time to share our projects and ideas has become essential.

Recent presentations have included:

Decentralized Blockchain Bridges

Last year Oscar Guindzberg, TrueBit, and CoinFabrik partnered to create a decentralized trustless bridge between Dogecoin and Ethereum in response to the challenging Dogecoin and Ethereum bounty. Ismael Bejarano and Catalina Juarros from CoinFabrik work together daily with Oscar. See their presentation here.

Our solution will work for other blockchains as well. Additionally Ismael and Oscar have proposed a way of reducing the cost of running this trustless bridge. See their paper Using Superblocks to Bridge Dogecoin.

Blockchain Innovations

Bitcoin was just the beginning of a new decentralization era. There are many promising blockchain innovations: Ethereum Casper, Cardano, DFINITY, Sleepy Model/Snow White, Avalanche, SPECTRE and PHANTOM, PARSEC, and Algorand. CoinFabrik is working closely with Algorand to build a lab.

Hartwig Mayer gave a presentation about current and future blockchain innovations. Last year he also published a review of papers as Emerging New Trends in Blockchain Technologies including a long list of research resources.

Cryptoasset Investment Frameworks

Cryptoasset investment is unlike investing in traditional markets. Currently cryptoassets utility value is marginal. Thus, new models are needed to analyze this new class of assets. CoinFabrik’s Federico Caccia is studying and creating sound models to predict market movements and value cryptoassets.

Here is his presentation (in Spanish) and his other valuable articles (in English) Analyzing Blockchain Networks with Metcalfe’s and Odlyzko’s laws, A Review On Cryptoasset Valuation, and What I Have Learned From My Arbitrage Experiences with Cryptoassets.

Below we include some pictures and I took some selfies with them!