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dogethereum bridge

Dogethereum: A Decentralized Blockchain Bridge Between Dogecoin and Ethereum is Born

The second stage of the Dogethereum Decentralized Blockchain Bridge was presented on September 5, 2018 at 10 am (PT) and live streamed. The bridge uses “superblocks” to move coins from Dogecoin to Ethereum and collateralization to move coins from Ethereum to Dogecoin. We are excited because this innovation can also be used to bridge other blockchain pairs.

Last year Oscar Guindzberg and CoinFabrik partnered to create a decentralized trustless bridge between Dogecoin and Ethereum in response to the challenging Dogecoin and Ethereum bounty. The prototype, which TrueBit also collaborated on, was released in February 2018 and was awarded a quarter of the bounty.

Ismael Bejarano and Catalina Juarros from CoinFabrik worked with Oscar Guindzberg on a daily basis, and CoinFabrik co-founder Pablo Yabo oversaw the project.

Future improvements could include an improved user interface, the ability to use a decentralized oracle, a mechanism to penalize operators for improper behavior, and the use of state channels to implement the challenge design pattern.

The project is open source with an MIT license which is a permissive free software license enabling anyone to reuse or innovate over our code. The full project is available here and a presentation of the process and the way we resolved some of the most challenging aspects is available here.

This project uses a mechanism called superblocks to save Ethereum gas when the bridge is moving Dogecoins to Ethereum. Without superblocks, it would cost ~22 ethers per day to run the bridge, about USD 6,000 at today’s rate. We have published a white paper explaining how superblocks work here.

The project also includes a user manual so you can try the bridge yourself.

Oscar is an independent software developer with experience in multiple blockchain technologies. He was a core developer at RSK and worked on bridging the Bitcoin blockchain and RSK sidechain. CoinFabrik is a company which specializes in decentralized solutions using a wide range of blockchain technologies. It offers a wide range of services including research, consulting, development, security audits, ICO launches, and training.

CoinFabrik also offers customizable cryptoasset exchanges, wallets, and ICO and custody platforms.

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