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Oldest Blockchain Companies

In 2009, Bitcoin was introduced to the world, marking the dawn of the blockchain era as the premier Layer 1 (L1) technology. Today, countless companies and organizations span across multiple ecosystems, each leveraging blockchain in unique ways. Documenting the history of computing and technology is paramount, as it provides valuable context and insight for future generations who might not have access to the now-lost anecdotes and oral tales of earlier times.

Notably, Bitcoin emerged during the subprime mortgage crisis, whether by design or coincidence. Its roots can be traced back to the early 90s with the influential cypherpunk mailing list and even further back to the rise of the global Internet. Today, we refer to these evolutionary stages as Web 1.0 and the current decentralized movement as Web 3.0. However, the ideals of decentralization predate even the invention of blockchains. In truth, blockchain is just one of the myriad decentralized technologies available.

In the early days, the most common types of cryptocurrency businesses were exchanges. CoinFabrik and CoInspect stand out as pioneers, being the world’s earliest known blockchain R&D, and security service companies. Both were established in 2014 and have continued to thrive in a volatile industry. A year later, in 2015, both OpenZeppelin and ConsenSys made their debut.

Below is our compilation of pioneering blockchain companies that existed before Ethereum ushered in a new era with its transformative smart contract technology. Given the vast number of players in this space, it’s challenging to track every pioneer. We invite you to contribute any missing early company names as comments to this article.

Year Name Offerings Status
2010 CoinMarket Bitcoin exchange Defunct
2010 Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange Closed in 2014:
2011 BitPay Bitcoin Payment Service Live
2011 Bitstamp Cryptocurrency exchange Live
2011 BTCChina Cryptocurrency exchange Live
2011 Wallet and cryptocurrency exchange
2011 BTC-e Bitcoin exchange Defunct
2011 Kraken Cryptocurrency exchange
2012 BTCJam P2P Lending Defunct
2012 LocalBitcoins P2P + Escrow Exchange Retired in 2023
2012 Coinbase Exchange Live
2012 Paxos Cryptocurrency brokerage service Live
2013 Bitmain Cryptocurrency ASIC miners Live
2013 Canaan Cryptocurrency ASIC miners Live
2013 Bitfinex Exchange Live
2013 SatoshiLabs Creators of Trezor, the first Bitcoin hardware wallet Live
2013 CryptoKit Initially a Bitcoin wallet browser extension Moved to Jaxx and then was retired in favour of
2013 BitGo Cryptocurrency custody Live
2013 Circle In 2018 partnered with Coinbase to launch USDC Pivoted, Live
2014 Xapo Bitcoin exchange Live as a wallet + debit card. Coinbase acquired its Xapo Custody offering in 2019
2014 Bitex Bitcoin exchange Acquired by Hubbi in 2022
2014 BitUSD Crypto backed USD Stablecoin Defunct
2014 Tether Fiat pegged USD Stablecoin Live
2014 CoinFabrik Research, development, and security auditing services Live
2014 CoInspect Security auditing services Live
2014 ShapeShift Cryptocurrency swap
2014 Ledger Hardware wallet Live
2014 SatoshiTango Cryptocurrency exchange
2014 Ripio Cryptocurrency exchange
2015 Blockstream Bitcoin and assets infrastructure Live
2015 OpenZeppelin Secure smart contracts library in Solidity Live
2015 ConsenSys Products and services Live
2015 Sig3 Sig3 co-signs transactions based on the policies and criteria implemented by its users. Defunct
2015 Wayniloans P2P Bitcoin lending Pivoted to
2015 Bitwala Cryptocurrency wallet Live