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Warming Up For The Next Solana Global Hackathon 2024

The Solana Foundation and CoinFabrik just finished their first-ever hackathon in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This two-day event, which happened on January 19 and 20, kicked off Solana’s plans in the country for 2024.

And just as we’re coming down from the high of successfully wrapping up the first-ever Solana hackathon in Argentina, there’s another reason for celebration here at CoinFabrik – we’re hitting our 10-year milestone this year! Talk about a memorable start to 2024.

So here we are, post Summer Sol Sessions. We want to express our gratitude to Solana for this collaboration. The event was filled with good times, an abundance of learning, and a showcase of good quality projects. Participants were given the chance to engage in interactive workshops and a hackathon, which served as preparation for Solana’s upcoming global hackathon. 

It was inspiring to see the enthusiasm and dedication of all the participants, and we were particularly impressed by the quality of the projects presented. These projects deservedly took home the prizes, and we are confident that they will contribute to the growth of the Solana ecosystem.

Our main goal with this event was to foster a sense of community among developers, both emerging and expert, who are passionate about Solana and also blockchain tech in general. We believe that events like these are crucial in driving the growth of the Solana ecosystem in Argentina, a country that has so much to offer in the world of blockchain and decentralized tech.

We had the privilege of hosting a panel of experienced judges, including Arnold Lee and Angel Herrera from Sphere Labs, Juan Patricio Marchetto from SODA, Alberto Ortega from Broccoli, and Sebastian Wain, CEO of CoinFabrik. Their inputs, questions and expertise added so much value to the event, and the opportunity to interact with them and receive their feedback proved to be an incredibly positive experience for the groups that presented their ideas.

The event was also made possible by the support of our sponsors – Brave Software, Sphere Labs, and Superteam. Their backing contributed to this success, and we are deeply grateful both to them and to our media partners, Criptotendencias and Lamultisig, who contributed by promoting the hackathon.  

Moreover, we were thrilled to have the backing of Bonk!, Phaseprotocol, Underdog Protocol, Helius, Ironforge, Radiants, and Gateway Network 

CoinFabrik has been adding value to the Solana ecosystem through research, development, and security for the past three years and this was another opportunity for us to show our commitment to continuing our contribution to Solana’s growth.

Summer Sol Sessions was a prelude to Solana’s upcoming global hackathon. We obviously still don’t have the full picture of what the Solana ecosystem will look like during 2024, but we are confident that with the collective efforts of the Solana community, we can continue to push the boundaries and make Argentina a key player in the global Solana ecosystem. Here’s to more collaborations, more value, and more growth in the years to come!