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Devcon 2024

Explore Ethereum and Its Vibrant Community at Devcon!

The Premier Ethereum Gathering for Developers, Thinkers, and Innovators.

Devcon isn’t just your typical conference—it’s an epicenter of culture and inspiration. It welcomes a diverse mix of passionate professionals including builders, engineers, designers, researchers, community leaders, and artists, all drawn together to dive deep into the world of Ethereum. Here, you can learn, share, and connect.

Whether you’re well-versed in Ethereum or just beginning your journey, Devcon caters to everyone. It serves as an immersive introduction for newcomers and a vibrant reunion for veterans of the ecosystem, providing a burst of energy and a wellspring of creativity for all attendees.

Spanning four days from November 12-15, Devcon takes place all under one roof. But the excitement extends beyond the conference itself. Devcon Week, running from November 9-17, encompasses a full schedule of pre and post-Devcon activities and nighttime side events, hosted both by the local and global Ethereum communities.

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Devcon 2024 Date

November 12-15, 2024


Bangkok, Thailand

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