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ETHDenver stands as the globe’s foremost and most enduring ETH gathering.

ETHDenver serves as a Festival of Community Ownership and Innovation. In June 2021, SporkDAO’s inception marked a groundbreaking milestone, making ETHDenver the inaugural event DAO worldwide. Event proceeds are channeled exclusively to bolster our community and catalyze the realization of a decentralized future. Brace for 2023: #TheYearOfTheSpork! The SPORK, Bufficorn family’s indispensable all-in-one tool, finds its place in their daily lives, adeptly utilized for excavation, dining, safeguarding, recreation, and above all, championing the #BUIDLing ethos, their cherished pursuit.

At the heart of the Bufficorn family’s ethos lies the Spork, a multifaceted tool that transcends conventional boundaries. Sporks are not just utensils; they are symbols of versatility and utility. Bufficorns employ Sporks for a myriad of tasks, ranging from everyday activities to their favorite pastime, #BUIDLing.

ETHDenver Date:

Feb 24 -March 05, 2023

ETHDenver Location

Denver, Colorado

ETHDenver Event Website

ETHDenver logo