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Sublimart Buenos Aires

Sublimart’s initial collection is finally here!

A portal for exploring, acquiring, and investing in art that surpasses borders, linking collectors with innovative artists.

At Sublimart, we curate an eclectic array of art collections that feature both renowned and up-and-coming artists from Latin America, enriching every digital portfolio with a variety of genres. We capture high-resolution photographs of the artwork using advanced lighting techniques to highlight every texture and detail.

These photographs are then converted into NFTs and assigned a unique digital address. Using an algorithm, the image is segmented into a grid, and a cutting map is generated, embedding the NFT’s address within it.

The original artwork is methodically destroyed according to this map. The entire process is documented on video and overseen by an art expert who verifies the artwork’s authenticity. Finally, the NFT is listed for sale on the OpenSea marketplace.


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Sublimart Buenos Aires Date

April 6, 2024

Sublimart Buenos Aires Event Website

Sublimart Buenos Aires First Collection