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Web3 Security Conference by De.Fi

Experts from across the globe will discuss the challenges, solutions and importance of Security in the Web3 Security Conference by De.Fi

Join the Web3 Security Conference by De.Fi to discuss with global experts challenges, solutions, and Web3 Security’s significance. Explore crypto exploits with leading researchers, auditors, and hackers. Learn tools and methods to prevent attacks and protect against complex exploits. Meet disruptive Web3 project leaders, professors, and advisors, advancing innovative security solutions for the next generation of Web3 Security

Web3 Security Conference by De.Fi Date

Oct 4, 2023

Milan, Italy

Web3 Security Conference by De.Fi Website

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About CoinFabrik

We are a research, development, and security auditing company specialized in Web3 technologies.

Founded in 2014, we have worked on over 200 Web3 related projects all over the world.

Our customers range from startups to tech giants. We have been involved in research, development, security audits, and consulting for technologies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Cosmos, Solana, Polkadot, Stacks, NEAR and Algorand among others.

We are technologically agnostic, always looking for the right solution to better serve your needs.

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