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1inch foundation

1inch Foundation Grant Program


The Process

Application Submission

Applicants are required to present a detailed proposal to the 1inch Foundation, encompassing a comprehensive description of their project idea and personal credentials. (It’s important to note that due to legal constraints, grants from the 1inch Foundation are not accessible to residents of the Cayman Islands.)
Review Period: Within 14 days


Upon shortlisting an application, the 1inch Foundation will arrange 1-2 interviews. These sessions aim to delve deeper into the applicant’s qualifications and the specifics of the proposed project.
Schedule: One interview each week

Evaluation of Grant Potential and Formal Grant Offer

In this phase, the 1inch Foundation evaluates if the applicant’s project aligns with the Grant Program’s objectives or the network’s broader vision. They also assess the project’s potential worth. Decisions regarding the vesting schedule and intervals for reporting on the project’s progress are made at this point.
Should the proposal pass the Foundation’s criteria, an Official Grant Proposition, outlining the grant’s terms and distribution conditions, will be extended to the applicant.
Timeline: Within 10 days post-final interview


After accepting the offer, applicants must undergo an onboarding process. Successful completion of this stage results in the 1inch Foundation granting access to necessary resources and setting up a schedule for ongoing communication, focusing on updates related to development and reporting.
Duration: A few days, subject to the grantee’s availability for gathering necessary documentation

Continued Performance Evaluation

The 1inch Foundation will conduct regular assessments of the project’s progress, adhering to a pre-established schedule. Considering each proposal’s unique nature, these evaluations are customized and will consider the following aspects:
* Achievement of deliverables and milestone targets;
* Sufficiency of allocated resources and funding;
* Long-term viability of the grantee’s project;
* The project’s current influence on the 1inch Network;
* The strategic significance of the project for the 1inch Network in the foreseeable future.

1inch foundation

The mission of the 1inch Foundation is to foster growth and expansion of the 1inch Network and incentivize contributions through grants and other capital deployment vehicles.

Network Development. More info

  • Product development
  • Integration
  • Interoperability
  • Security

Community Development. More info

  • Education
  • Community building/events
  • Social

Research & Analytics. More info

  • Advanced data analytics
  • Innovative research
  • Simulation of protocol performance/ efficiency


1inch Foundation Grant Program Website