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Arbitrum Foundation Grant Program

Guidelines for the Arbitrum Foundation Grant Program

Designed to support DAO initiatives, the Arbitrum Foundation Grant Program offers financial support for builders on Arbitrum. Through this program, you can receive milestone-based funding for projects focused on key Arbitrum Foundation initiatives.

The Arbitrum Foundation Grant Program is currently accepting applications for Decentralized Applications (“dApps”). Not you? Different types of projects will be considered as time goes on, so please check back later. You can also submit a proposal to the ArbitrumDAO.

Grant requests should be submitted by projects currently operating towards achieving their objectives, with clear goals and progress milestones already mapped out.

Refer to the Submission Guidelines for additional support on how to prepare grant applications with the highest likelihood of success, and which restrictions apply on project ineligible for grants.

Arbitrum Foundation Grant Program Website


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Applications are now open

Applications are being approved on a rolling basis. To maximize the impact of their grant program, the Arbitrum Foundation will be tracking milestone progress for all approved applicants.

The process is simple (but still involves some thought)!

Learn how to apply in this step-by-step guide curated by the Arbitrum Foundation.