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Celo Foundation Grants


The Celo Foundation Grants Program openly backs projects aligned with Celo’s mission to establish a financial system promoting universal prosperity, fostering collective efforts for global advancement.

Process Overview

Step 1: Call for proposals

Step 2: Submit your Grant Application

Step 3: Evaluation & Approval

Step 4: Acceptance & Denial Notification

Step 5: Onboarding + Milestone Setting + Mentor Matching

Step 6: Launch & Exit Interview

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Request for Proposals

As the Celo Foundation Grants Program continues to expand on its ability to empower the Celo community, check a list of requests for proposals! This list will continue to evolve over time.

  • Defi
  • NFTs, Creator Economy & Games
  • Lowering barriers to access
  • Regenerative Economics
  • Interoperability
  • Web 3 Infrastructure & Developer Tooling
  • Education & Community Building
  • Promote use of Celo
  • Blockchain Ecosystem Inspired Projects

For more info. click here

Celo Foundation Grants Website