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Moonbeam Level-3 Grants


Moonbeam completed its launch in January 2022, becoming the primary entry point for decentralized applications that want to connect to Polkadot. Moonbeam and Moonriver now have over 100 projects, integrations, and collaborations, representing a vibrant ecosystem for both developers and end-users.

Polkassembly is an open-source platform for anyone to discover and participate in Moonbeam’s on-chain governance. Polkassembly fully supports OpenGov, also known as Gov2, now live on all Moonbeam networks.

Process Overview

Community Discussion

Post your grant idea on Polkassembly for a five-day community feedback session. During this period, members of the Community Grants Committee will provide public comments. The author of the grant can revise the proposal based on the community’s feedback before moving to the next stage.

Submit a Bond

To proceed, applicants must post a bond of 5,000 GLMR (refundable within 30 days after the grant decision, minus transaction fees) and officially present their proposal to the Community Grants Committee for assessment.

Grants Committee Approval

The Community Grants Committee will evaluate the proposal, considering business, technical, and administrative aspects, and ensure its alignment with grant guidelines. They may request further details. Failure to respond or collaborate may lead to proposal rejection. After the review, the Committee will decide if the proposal should advance to a community vote.

Community Voting

The proposal will be made available for a public vote by the community. Voters will cast Aye or Nay votes following Moonbeam’s standard governance process, either on Polkassembly or via the Polkadot.js web application.


For proposals that are accepted, the implementation phase will commence as per the steps and milestones set out in the approved referendum. This includes signing a grant agreement or other relevant documents that outline the grant’s conditions.


moonbeam grants logo

Request for Proposals

Level 3: Ecosystem Grants
Amount: $150k to $3 million
Approval Process: Community Grants Committee approval AND community voting approval
Fund Distribution: USD, USDC, or GLMR

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Moonbeam Level-3 Grants Website