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Starknet Seed Grant Program


The Seed Grant Program is designed to provide teams with grants up to $25,000 in USDC in non-dilutive funding to enhance the growth of the Starknet ecosystem.

The Starknet Foundation wants to see teams that extract the scale and performance of Starknet to build applications that users find value in.

Seed Grants are intended for projects that have already developed a minimum viable product (MVP) or proof of concept, but haven’t yet gone to market. They are appropriate for projects and teams that meet the following criteria:

  • actively involved in the Starknet community and / or participated in a Starknet hackathon, builder program, or other entry-level initiative;
  • developed an MVP or proof of concept; and
  • planning on using or building upon existing Starknet tools and integrations.

All teams should present a clear plan detailing how they will use the grant within the next three months.

The Starknet Foundation welcomes applications from all industries, and there are no restrictions on the types of products they consider.

Who is not eligible for the Starknet Seed Grant Program

This program is not for mature stage projects.

If your product has been live on mainnet for over three months and / or has a core group of users already, it will not be eligible for a Seed Grant.

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Application process

This program has a simplified application and evaluation process, aiming to provide a decision approximately two weeks after submission.

Application: Apply via the grants submission form to submit your project. You will need to submit a clear roadmap of how the grant will be utilized over the next 3 months.
Internal Evaluation: An internal committee will assess each application based on potential impact, innovation, milestones, community engagement & track record, and embeddedness with the Starknet ecosystem.
Results: The Starknet Foundation plans to communicate decisions on your application within an approximate two week timeframe.
Onboarding: After successfully completing KYC and signing a grant agreement, you will receive funds.
Post Grant Check-in: After three months, the Foundation will check-in with Grantees and assess the results. The Grantee should share regular updates (blog posts, videos, AMAs etc) with the team to assist in this process.

Starknet Seed Grant Program Website