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The Aptos Foundation Grant Program

Guidelines for the Aptos Foundation Grant Program

The Aptos Foundation Grant Program is designed to offer teams, individuals, and creators all around the world non-dilutive funding to accelerate the growth of the Aptos ecosystem.

Applicants will be asked to upload a proposal for the grant when completing the application.

Necessary information:

  • Project name
  • Name of company or individual applying for the grant + contact information
  • Project description
  • The value proposition to the Aptos ecosystem
  • Deliverables
  • Team + past experience
  • Technical architecture overview, if applicable
  • Key Risks
  • Financial and legal information

Criteria to be eligible for an Aptos grant

Projects must provide new substantial value to the ecosystem and must be open-source or commit to a timeline for open sourcing.

Teams can remain anonymous publicly but will need to pass identity screening with the Aptos Foundation. Individuals or entities in sanctioned jurisdictions are not eligible.

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Categories in the Aptos Foundation Grant Program

Applicants can apply for one of the suggested grant categories.

These suggestions are tailored to current ecosystem needs and are intended to help provide applicants with ideas of what to build on Aptos. Applicants are encouraged to apply for a grant that could further benefit the Aptos ecosystem, even if not found on the list.

  • Developer tooling, SDKs, libraries, documentation, guides, tutorials
  • Tools and frameworks for development, governance, Defi, and NFTs
  • Core protocol contributions: token standards, libraries, protocol upgrades, etc.
  • Open-source & public goods
  • Education initiatives
  • Applications (e.g. Defi, NFTs, social networks, gaming, DAOs, payments, bridging)

The Aptos Foundation Grant Program Website