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TON Grants Program

Guidelines for the TON Grants Program

TON Grants Program is aimed at providing initial support for ambitious teams to kick off product development or migrate a successful existing product to TON from another blockchain.

The TON Foundation prioritizes projects that have a potential to activate and onboard the mass audience of Telegram into TON and web3. The products need to have a strong social element, easy onboarding and good UX to effectively attract and retain the user.

The Foundation welcomes initiatives that help enhance the TON overall infrastructure & especially the DeFi landscape, facilitate the deployment of and interaction across DApps and Telegram Mini Apps, bring a unique value to the ecosystem and attract users and financial value.

The TON Foundation won’t support products that fail to show a unique value proposition and are identical to the ones that already exist on TON. 

Process for applying for the TON Grants Program

  • As the first obligatory step, applicants should carefully study the TON Ecosystem map and get familiar with TON projects.
  • Study the Grant Categories to understand which projects are more likely to receive grant support from the TON Foundation.
  • Go over the Grant Process and Rules to learn how to navegate the process. Make sure you comply with the guidelines!
  • Go deeper into the TON Grant Rules to make sure you meet the selection criteria and to adhere to best practices.

Categories in the TON Grants Program

  • Telegram Mini Apps: Social Web3 Use Cases: Including but not limited to SocialFi, E-commerce, Utility, Community & Brand management, Onboarding platforms.
  • DeFi: Includes but is not limited to Lending protocols, Derivatives DEXs, DEXs with weighted pools, Yield aggregators, Liquidity layers, Restaking.
  • GameFi: Web3 games with easy onboarding, viral social mechanics, referral programs, elements of competition (squads, leaderboards, group challenges) and exciting gameplay.
  • Developer Education: Educational programs that train developers to build on the TON blockchain. Courses that are both informative and engaging, and use straightforward language in programming like Tact and FunC. Can be Ecosystem Projects or External Teams.
  • Other: Open-source technical projects; commercial projects that improve the TON infrastructure, including the deployment and interaction across DApps and Telegram Mini Apps, and products of other verticals.

TON Grants Program Website