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Wormhole Ecosystem programs

xGrant program

Wormhole is an open source blockchain development platform connecting the decentralized web. Hundreds of companies and applications use Wormhole’s blockchain connectivity platform to securely and scalably grow their user base, increase market share, and drive more on-chain activity.


The xGrant Program aims to empower innovative teams and projects with financial assistance, mentorship, and essential resources, fostering their growth and industry impact.

Open to developers and founders at any project stage, the xGrant covers various costs like software development, marketing, and team expenses. Wormhole is dedicated to supporting these innovators in overcoming challenges and advancing their projects.

Requests for proposals

Wormhole Queries: Create a cross-chain application that utilizes Wormhole Queries, a flexible, on-demand, efficient, and decentralized method for immediate cross-chain data retrieval and attestation.

Ledger plugin: Create a ledger plugin built to work with Portal Bridge for Ethereum smart contracts. A user, Jim, should be able to bridge assets through Portal Bridge and see the bridge transfer details on their ledger device.

Cross-chain identity: Create a name service built upon Wormhole, similar to Token Attestation model. A user, Bob, should be able to pick a “Registration Chain” where they write an Identity Record. This IR can be attested to any other chains.

Application Process

  1. Submit proposal
  2. Review
  3. Announcement
  4. Building Phase
  5. Completion
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  • Grant ideas should be well-researched and/or well-tested, ideally with a proof-of-concept or prior work to demonstrate feasibility.
  • Teams should demonstrate how the project will be deployed, maintained and operated after completion of the grant, whether through commitment of funding, tokenomics, or other business models.
  • Applications must demonstrate how the project can benefit the Wormhole network and/or its ecosystem.
  • Applications should speak to the applicant’s proven track record and experience for solid delivery.
  • Applications should contain well-defined technical specifications where applicable.
  • A well-researched application should present how the project is differentiated from comparable products in the ecosystem or in other ecosystems.
  • All code produced as part of a grant must be open-sourced.

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