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Solana and CoinFabrik Launch the First Solana Hackathon in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Solana Foundation recently published a report on the ecosystem’s status for 2023 and Latin America is among the regions that the foundation deems worthy of special attention in 2024.

In light of this, CoinFabrik and Solana Foundation are organizing Summer SOL Sessions, a two-day event scheduled for January 19 and 20 in Buenos Aires.

Summer SOL Sessions marks the start of Solana’s activities in Argentina for 2024. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in interactive workshops and a hackathon, serving as a prelude to Solana’s upcoming global hackathon. Sponsored by top players like Brave Software, Sphere Labs, and Superteam, the event aims to serve as a starting point for developing in Solana for both emerging and expert devs. 

The event judges are experienced professionals in blockchain tech: Arnold Lee from Sphere Labs, Mariano Di Pietra from MakerDAO, Juan Patricio Marchetto from SODA, Alberto Ortega from Broccoli, and Sebastian Wain, CEO of CoinFabrik. All five of them will bring their valuable expertise to assess participants’ contributions during the hackathon.

Diego Dias, Head of Latam at Solana Foundation, emphasized, “We’re investing in Latin America, with Argentina playing a crucial role. Our partnership with CoinFabrik is a vital step in bringing top blockchain projects to new markets.

There are currently over 2500 active developers currently building on Solana, and for the Solana Foundation, hackathons are one of the most important initiatives to foster the growth of the developer ecosystem. In the recent Hyperdrive Hackathon, over 7,000 participants submitted more than 900 projects, setting a record for Solana Foundation hackathons. We want Argentina to become a relevant player in the global Solana ecosystem, but in order to achieve this, a robust Solana community in the country is essential.

Sebastian Wain, our CEO, also commented on the event: “With over 200 global Web3 projects, our expertise in blockchain is extensive. This collaboration with Solana enables us to do what we do best: drive Web3 development.

This year is our 10-year anniversary at CoinFabrik, and for the past 3 years, we’ve added value to the Solana ecosystem through research, development, and security audits. Our commitment is to continue contributing to Solana’s developer growth and retention, and to foster the entry of new talent to help maintain and improve the network.

We are thrilled to be part of Solana’s official entry into Argentina. The ecosystem presents numerous opportunities, and our goal here is to promote development on the Solana network, while establishing Argentina as a global hub for decentralized technologies.

If you are in Buenos Aires and would like to participate, register here: