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As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of DAOTOKYO2024, excitement pulses through the global DAO community. With over 400 DAO contributors from diverse backgrounds poised to gather in Tokyo, this event promises to be a monumental convergence, matching the scale and impact of its predecessors.

Against the backdrop of Japan’s cultural richness, DAOTOKYO2024 is set to immerse attendees in an atmosphere teeming with aesthetic beauty and symbolic resonance. With meticulously curated stages and intricately adorned venues, the setting is perfect for fostering meaningful exchanges and catalyzing transformative discussions among DAO enthusiasts from both East and West.

Moreover, as the countdown to DAOTOKYO2024 commences, anticipation runs high, with participants eagerly awaiting the opportunity to contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of decentralized governance. With past successes like DAO NYC and DAO TOKYO as guiding lights, DAOTOKYO2024 is poised to leave its own indelible mark on the global DAO community.

logo dao tokyo


August  21- 22, 2024


Tokyo, Japan

DAO TOKYO Event Website