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Rio Innovation Week 2023

The greatest discovery of technology, innovation and business in Latin America.

Rio Innovation Week returns for its third edition emphasizing its capacity to be a HUB of projects that think of the future as the present, that develop, train, understand and undertake. A movement that brings together business, networking, branding, education and solutions to achieve results.

From October 3 to 6, 2023, Píer Mauá, in Rio de Janeiro, will receive the next edition of this important project that prepares the participants for the future and for the impacts of technology on the transformation of businesses and society.

There will be 50,000m2 of event, with 30 conferences, more than 1,800 invited speakers, 2000 startups and incubators promoting businesses, more than 250 exhibitors presenting innovations and solutions for sectors, along with sectorized bootcamps, mentoring, exhibitions, workshops, networking and many denied cios being generated non-RIW and from RIW.

rio innovation week logo

Rio Innovation Week 2023 Date

October 3-6, 2023

Rio Innovation Week 2023 Location

Pier Mauá, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio Innovation Week 2023 Event Website